Suggestions for Newcomers: If you have no Clue How to Write an Outline for a Thesis

Writing a great outline for a thesis involves knowing the general structure of outline writing as well as that of a thesis essay or longer paper.  An outline provides what the flow or the article will be.  It organizes key points and concepts neatly together, and it helps keep you focused and on track.  Here are suggestions if you have no clue on how to write the outline for your thesis. 

First, Know the General Structure for a Thesis

Second, Draw out the Skeleton of an Outline

Then, Incorporate the Thesis Key Parts into the Outline. 

  • Now you simply write the structure of a thesis into the outline.
  • Here’s an example of how to get an outline started.  Your outline may not be exact, but it should look similar, and you should be able to apply the normal numbers and lower case letters by following the pattern of the outline illustrated here if needed.

  • I.  Title

    II. Introduction

    A.    Overall point of the Thesis

        B.  Thesis Statement

    III. Body

    A.    Supporting Evidence One

    1. What?

    2. Why?

         a. answers why with a valid point

         b. if needed, answers why with another valid point

        B.  Supporting Evidence Two

        C.  Supporting Evidence Three

    IV. Conclusion

    A.    Summary of Body

    B.    Thesis statement restated. 

    As long as you understand the structure of a thesis as well as the structure of an outline, you can easily incorporate the two together and then begin to write your thesis.  The great thing about creating an outline is that it is within the outline where you do all the hard work.  Once you begin writing the paper, the writing will be easier, flow well, and focused.