Handling Complex Issues: Composing Business Topics for Research Papers

Business is a wide subject and has many sub divisions. A student can choose the subject that interests him the most. You can take up management, supply chain, marketing, accounting and cost accounting and business ethics. The choice of the subject depends upon you and the career you want to pursue in the future. If you are a student who is assigned a research paper in business then first thing you should do is narrow down your subject and then choose a relevant topic.

If you decide to write a research paper on business ethics then you must know what they are and what can you study under this field. It is the study of evaluation process according to the ethical concepts and moral values. Ethical issues can both narrow and on a large scale. If we want to look at the ethical code of conduct in general, then you may consider the effect of business and its activities on the overall environment and social structure.

Helpful topics for business research papers

Here are few topics you may choose to write on while thinking of a research paper in business

  1. The importance of having a set code of conduct in business and making sure everyone follows it.
  2. The affect of globalization on food industry, are they benefiting from it or not. Give examples to prove your stance
  3. Decision-making factors in a global economy, and the implementation of international ethics
  4. How can a business reduce its fixed cost if it is going to experience an expansion? Give case studies to support your stance
  5. What are the major reasons for mergers and acquisitions, give real examples from the latest food industry
  6. Discuss the role of an entrepreneur in a company, how does he manage unexpected events and takes risks?

It is not important that you discuss all of these topics or choose one of them as it is. You can get an idea from these topics about how to form a topic and how to narrow down your topic. You can either use one of them or modify them according to your subject and interest. Make sure you follow the instructions given by your professor. If you do not follow the guidelines given by your teacher then your paper might be rejected and all your efforts will be wasted.