Brainstorming New Research Paper Topics in Education

When you are in need to find a topic for a paper and your brain does not offer you any instant option, brainstorming may be just the tight way out for you. Brainstorming is making your brain work as intensive as possible, think on your problem and find the best solution. It is known that ideas come to mind when it is under stress. Creating an artificial stress situation for your brain can make you achieve something you can never dreamed of. Here are the few brainstorming techniques that will help you in a desperate situation.


This technique requires you to let your hand write down as many ideas for the topic as your brain can invent without even thinking a second about them. Set a goal for, for example, 50 topics (or at least 20, if 50 is hard at first) and think about everything that comes to mind and is related to your topic at least very distantly. Even if the topic does not make much sense, still write it: you will memorize the connections your brain made to this topic and it may later lead you to some interesting thoughts.

Group brainstorming.

You can arrange this only if you have enough time and a group of friends or, at least, classmates that share the same assignment. There are two ways of completing this: To discuss the project in group and come up with different topic variations and possibilities. It will help you to take new approach to the topic and think of something that has never occurred to you. To write the topics down separately and then exchange. Even if you don't like any of the topics you have written, somebody from your class might and vice verse.

Break the subject into parts.

When it is hard to think about something as broad as “education”, try to list down first all the subareas that are known to you. Class notes or textbook will be very helpful in the case: it will give you some ideas and at the same time keep you on track of what you have studied in class. After you have divided the subject into subsections, try to remember things that interest you at most in each and every of them. Here goes the second specifying of the field. Now you most likely have over 20 subsections and something useful to choose from.