Strong Argument Topics for a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a daunting task. You have to choose a specific area that you want to write your paper for. After that, the most time taking part is choosing a topic that is unique as well as catchy. The topic of research paper is different from essays and stories because you need to get strong evidence to support your stance. It is a gradual task where you have to deal with each step in detail. Even if you have a good topic, you are not sure whether you will get enough data to prove your point. It is very essential that you choose a topic in which there is room for improvement. Once you get the topic approved from your teacher, you will have to carry out detailed research on its history and background. This phase is called literature review in academic writing process. The focus of this article is on choosing strong argument topics for a research paper.

Argument topics for research paper

The topic of your research paper directly relates to your subject. If you are studying history, you will have to compose topics that are relevant to world history or a certain era in history. Similarly, if you are a student of economics your topic will deal with principles and theories in economics. An argument topic needs to have two sides. You can talk for or against the topic in your own way. The approach you adopt for the paper is your individual call. Here are a few argument topics for different subjects. You can look at these examples to have an idea about how your topic should look like.

  1. Economic recession arises due to inequality of system and unbalanced division of resources
  2. World War II was essential given the circumstances of that period
  3. Revolutions have a set time like all other natural process and a change is inevitable
  4. Sport celebrities and actors are paid much more than they actually deserve
  5. Half of the world population lives below the poverty line because wealth accumulates with the elite
  6. Army has no right to intervene in politics and state matters in a democratic nation
  7. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest does not give enough explanation for certain species
  8. No one has ever stepped on the moon in the history of the world
  9. AZT should not be legally prescribed to patients