How to Create A Strong Term Paper Topic

Coming up with a strong term paper topic requires extra work and consideration. Instead of sitting down and beginning to write about the first topic that comes to mind you are going to have to spend some time planning and researching potential term paper ideas.

The best way to determine whether or not a term paper topic idea has merit is to read other documents that cover similar subject matter. Reading examples can help inspire your thought process and help you to determine your thesis position. It may also give you some ideas for fantastic research resources that you can use. In order to make the process a bit easier we have included a list of steps to help you come up with an engaging term paper topic.

  1. Start with a list of words
  2. Begin brainstorming potential ideas with a list of words that are related to the topic that you are studying. If there is no specific subject assigned write down a list of potential ideas that you would like to expand on. Then, from that list of words determine three or four options that may make fantastic term papers.

  3. Do Some Preliminary Research
  4. Once you have chosen three or four good ideas then start doing some quick research. Internet search engines have made it easy for students to look up research materials for various subjects. All you need to do is type your potential topics into Google and see what comes up.

  5. Pick The Best One
  6. From your preliminary research you should have got a sense of what kind of resource material is available. Keeping in mind that sometimes the best term paper topic, is not the easiest, choose one of your potential ideas to write on. Make sure that there is enough content to write an engaging paper on. Do not forget that the best term papers present a specific argument or debate. This is why the stronger topics usually can be considered from various different angles.

  7. Compose An Interesting Argument
  8. Now that you have chosen a topic and looked at some different research pieces on it, you have to choose an angle for your term paper. A well-rounded term paper writing assignment should present a strong argument in the defense of a thesis. Basically, your thesis will be written from the perspective that you choose to defend within your paper.

  9. Write Up That Thesis
  10. To solidify your topic choice begins composing your thesis statement. The thesis should clearly state the topic that you have chosen as well as why you have chosen it. You will also make a bold statement regarding your topic that will be defended within the body paragraphs of your term paper.