Research Paper Topics On Terrorism: 15 Interesting Writing Ideas

If you are looking for an interesting writing idea for a research paper topic on terrorism consider the following:

  1. you can review current ethical implications associated with torture
  2. You can explore personal freedoms and the use of terrorism
  3. You can explore the limits between religious freedom and terrorism
  4. You can explore the relationship that exists between politics and Law
  5. You can explore international law including human rights law
  6. You can explore preemptive counterterrorist measures and the challenges it presents to human rights
  7. You can explore the definition of terrorism
  8. You can explore prevention methods and human rights
  9. You can create a paper that focuses on the right to self-determination
  10. You can review whether a victims government should be trusted with the punishment and the trial for a terror suspect
  11. You should review whether international law criminalizes terrorism
  12. You can review whether there is a neutral international definition for terrorism
  13. You can review whether terrorism should be added to the crimes over which the international criminal Court has jurisdiction
  14. You should review whether national leaders should be tried for their counterterrorism policies if they are in excess
  15. You should review whether lawyers should be tried if they give advice to governments about excessive counterterrorism policies

One of the best ways to stay organized when you are conducting research is to bring with you multiple colored pens or notecards. If you designate one color for one topic or alternatively, one color for main topics and one color for supporting evidence, you can keep your information organized. By maintaining such organization you can make it significantly easier to play around with the order of your arguments until you find the best presentation of your information.

If you are researching at a library it is important that you always write down related bibliographic information. Many students who are either in a rush or excited about finding pertinent information will immediately photocopy relevant pages and bring them back for print off important quotes. But in cases like this they often tend to neglect the pertinent bibliographic information. By not writing down the bibliographic information mind that later on when you need to create your in-text citations and references page you are lacking the necessary information. Once you have written down all pertinent bibliographic information It is important to keep it all in one place. Having all of this information together will not only provide you with multiple copies of your bibliographic information but will also give you the opportunity to more easily and quickly format your citations when you find the time.