5 Great Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

Psychology is one of the most beloved classes in schools today. Students love to learn about the different psychological theories as well as how the science has grown. They enjoy reading about the founding fathers like Freud and Jung, as well as the basic needs for survival. They also enjoy learning about psychological disorders and the common treatments. Fortunately, when instructors decide to assign research papers in their psychology courses, college students usually take the challenge on with gusto.

The first step in writing a great psychology paper is to choose a great research paper topic. Since psychology is constantly evolving, there are always new and exciting topics to evaluate. The best way to choose a psychology research topic is to pick one that is relevant to your course. For example, if you are studying educational psychology, then you will want a topic relating to children. If you are studying geriatric psychology, then your topic should be related to the aging process. Here are a few topics that would be great topics for a general psychology course: