A List of the Best Topics for Term Papers in Psychology

Do you want to find a good topic for your psychology term paper? It may seem that choosing a topic for your paper is much more difficult than actually write the term paper itself. It is no surprise, since it is the first and most important step in your work. Fortunately, there are many places where you can get some help and inspiration. Look through the following list of research topics to come up with the idea for your own paper.

  1. Is parents’ carelessness the main cause of child obesity?
  2. How does the lack of mother’s love affect child’s mental health?
  3. Can abortion cause mental disorders?
  4. What psychological motives can cause depression?
  5. Is sexual education important to young children?
  6. Is there any connection between emotions and physical illnesses?
  7. How can bipolar disorder impact human health?
  8. How are aging and mental disorders connected?
  9. The impact of different kinds of music on children’s behavior.
  10. Can music make customers more willing to buy?
  11. The reasons of teenage suicide: getting a deeper insight into the problem in order to prevent this from happening.
  12. How should parents treat their teenage children to prevent conflicts?
  13. What are psychological effects of bullying?
  14. Is it safe to use hypnosis to influence human’s mind?
  15. What kinds of psychological problems do homeless people face?
  16. Can sports activities improve psychological environment in the workspace?
  17. Why is the rate of divorces increasing constantly?
  18. Psychology of long-lasting marriages.
  19. How does a person acquire phobias?
  20. How can sex work influence person’s mental health?
  21. The most effective ways to get rid of harmful habits and acquire useful ones.
  22. The effect of adoption on children’s behavior.
  23. The reasons of shyness among adults: most effective ways to get rid of it.
  24. What is more important in forming person’s character: genetics or environment?
  25. Can shock cause amnesia?
  26. Are psychology tests effective in determining mental disorders?
  27. The impact of socioeconomic status on person’s self-esteem: is it true that money can’t buy happiness?

Before making your choice, make sure that the topic is really interesting to you. Don’t focus on the only one, pick several variants and see whether there are enough materials available to make a thorough research. Limit your list up to three topics and ask your professor which one will be the most suitable for your project.

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