What Every Student Ought To Know About Formatting A Research Paper Title Page In The APA Style

Your title page of your research paper will be the first thing that the reader will see and experience about your work. This needs to be formatted correctly.

APA is most commonly used in Social Sciences and currently we are working to the 2nd printing of the 6Th edition. APA covers in-text citations, endnotes/footnotes as well as referencing.

Your paper will be made up of four sections, Title Page, Abstract, Main and Reference page. The whole paper needs to be typed using the Times New Roman Font using 12pt size and double spacing. You can use a different font, but Times New Roman is the one that is considered to be the most readable.

You need to set your page size to standard size with is slightly different to the UK A4. You will also need to set the margins to 1 inch (2.4 cm) on all sides.

A lot of students tend to think that the title page just needs the title on it and that the other information such as name etc. will be found on any submission sheet that they have to fill in. Take care because you will lose marks if the title page is not completed correctly.

The Title

At the top of every page of your paper will have what is known as a running Header. It consist of up to 50 characters (or the first 50 characters) of your title. Needs to be in capital letters and can be added through pressing insert on your tool bar and then clicking on Headers.

What else needs to be on the Title page?

All of this information needs to be even to the left side of the page.

What you should now have on your page is a