How To Choose Good Sports-Related Research Paper Topics

Students who admire sports may find research paper writing on such topics to be very interesting. Selecting a topic will depend on personal interests, goals of the writing assignment, and the desired outcome related to the message and purpose behind the paper. Students can choose topic ideas based on what they have learned so far in their coursework. Students can choose to analyze a sport and further research elements people may not think about too often. Here are tips on how to choose a topic and general topic samples you can work into your own.

Get Inspired by Your Favorite Sport

Your favorite sport can be the first place to start your search. If you like basketball for example, you can think about aspects you would like to learn more about. This can be anything from common injuries experienced to the history of the sport and how it was invented. Be open to looking at your sport of choice from different angles. You can also get inspiration by reading sample research papers on similar topics. Such papers offer different perspectives on what has already been written.

Developing an Original Topic with Brainstorming Techniques

Brainstorming is a great technique you can use to get more insight on a general topic. For example, you could brainstorm on the subject of football. What are things that pop into your head when you think about football? Record your thoughts and make a list. Do this for about a few minutes. Go over your ideas and review which you like the best. Cross off ideas you don’t want and consider doing the process again if you are not left with an idea you want to explore further.

General Sports Related Research Paper Topic Ideas

Sample research paper topics can help spark creative ideas of your own. Remember to keep the purpose of the project in mind as you decide the best idea. Your research paper can explore different aspects of any sport. Here are 10 sample research paper topics you can use for inspiration.

  1. How basketball was invented.
  2. Sport with the most amount of injuries.
  3. Healthiest sport to play.
  4. Most challenging sport to learn.
  5. Least popular sport to play.
  6. Most dangerous sport.
  7. Most serious injuries obtained from sports.
  8. A sport that should be banned.
  9. Most expensive sport to play.
  10. Sports known to have more than one name.

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