15 Useful Research Paper Writing Tips For Middle School Students

One of the most important papers that you will write is a research paper. This is a useful guide created by professional research paper writers that will explain step by step how to write your paper so that it is a cinch.

  1. Deciding on a topic
  2. The first step is to decide what topic you want to write your paper on. Choose something that relates to the class that you are taking and something that you are interested in learning more about.

  3. Preliminary research
  4. Do some preliminary research on your topic to get an idea of what aspect of your topic you want to write your paper on! The best way to do this is to just read a whole bunch of information on your topic without worrying too much about taking notes just yet.

  5. Developing a thesis
  6. You need to make a statement about your topic that you will prove in your paper. When you were doing your research, was there something that was really interesting? If so, that may be the exact thing that you want to write your paper on. Your thesis is just a fancy way of saying what your main topic will be for your paper. What do you want to tell your audience about your topic?

  7. Creating an outline
  8. You want to present all of your main points in an outline. It will organize your ideas and help you decide when to present your evidence and in what order. You can use an average five paragraph essay format style and then just add to it.

  9. Improving your outline
  10. Now improve on your outline by making your ideas into full sentences. You will also do a little research and add a direct quote from your research into the outline. You will find one that proves your points.

  11. Adding transitions
  12. Add transitional phrases to each of the sections to link one to the next.

  13. Developing the introduction
  14. Your introduction will have background information along with your thesis statement.

  15. Finding background information
  16. When searching for background information you should just search for your main topic term.

  17. Writing the body
  18. Expand on your outline to create the body of your paper. Make sure to prove your point in each paragraph and explain why the direct quote explains your point.

  19. Finding supporting evidence
  20. You should find some supporting evidence to prove your claims. You can find it by using key words from your research.

  21. Incorporating supporting evidence
  22. You would want to add your direct quote into the paper and make sure that you explain how the quote explains your point.

  23. Writing a conclusion
  24. Your conclusion should wrap up the paper and restate your main points.

  25. Formatting paper
  26. You should format your paper in accordance with any guidelines that your teacher set up for you.

  27. Proofread
  28. You should read through the paper many times over.

  29. Editing
  30. Fix any issues that your paper may have so that it is error free. You can use programs to help you out.