How to Compose a History Research Paper Bibliography Correctly: A Quick Guide

There are many styles of documentation for writing. Your professor should assign the format as some fields have a crossover between APA and MLA. History is one of those subject matters. There are many features to each of the formats, but there can be a brief how-to list for your history paper. Feel free to refer to this Quick Guide:



If your teacher for History does not decide on the format, you are perfectly correct in using MLA or APA. Remember, that some Historians at the higher level also use the Chicago Manual of Style. It has citations in the form of footnotes at the bottom of the page. That example might look like this-

Sally Smith, My Life as a Ford Assembly Man (New York, New York: (Happydale Publishing and Co., 2001), 22.

All styles will require a citation. With all of them, it is placed in the paper(r at the bottom) and related to the posted entry found in the reference page. This citation would come after a source that is not your own such as quote, case study, statistic, or analysis. Use this quick reference guide to help you correctly format your next History research paper.