A Few Tips On How To Select Research Paper Topics

Creative research topics explore the uniqueness and exposure of a student to tap his/ her creative potential and employ a distinctive and methodological approach to frame a research paper based on their observation on the details of the topic, highlighting its relevance in current scenario. By making closely guarded moves, the student can write a creative research paper by following below mentioned tips:

  1. Exposure to creative thinking
  2. Various streams of study demand creative inputs, and challenge the creative instinct of the researcher, in employing a distinct and path breaking approach to develop ideas and assess based on detailed observations and deeper studies. The student is required to step out of their comfort zones and adopt a non-conventional mode of thinking to come out with unique creative ideas and results, which may amuse the reader to explore beyond the boundaries and acknowledge the efforts of the researcher in framing a masterpiece on the creative research paper, with detailed understanding and often ignored realms of observations, which raises curiosity in the reader or guide.

  3. A piece of advice may come handy
  4. For students to choose a different and creative research paper topics which provide scope for greater research, a lot of online resources are available to provide or acquire valuable information on the vast themes of research modules, one can build on creative scenarios to choose suitable topics. Such creative research topics may achieve success in the writer’s future endeavors and launch him/ her as a thoughtful writer in future.

  5. Choose a specific area of interest
  6. Research paper holds more weightage when the chosen topic is specific, as broader topics may be difficult to be researched, as it would require more time and detailed research in a range of areas for the same research topic which becomes cumbersome for the researcher to dedicate fully to the research process

  7. Don’t make a prototype of similar previous research done
  8. Another quick advice on narrowing down on a good and creative research is not to try to make a prototype of research done earlier, or by others as it would extinguish the desire for churning out something creative.

  9. Note down the various ideas
  10. Try to maintain a diary listing out all the interesting topics you would like to research on.

  11. Look for your interest
  12. When you research on a topic which interests you the most, the output you achieve through the research process will be astonishingly productive and refreshing for both the reader and the guide, who will be able to figure out your interest level on your research.

  13. Do detailed research on the topic
  14. By conducting detailed research on the topics through collection of vast resources for developing a research paper, you are equipped with greater knowledge which enhances your preparedness for conducting research.

Some creative research topics are listed below:

  1. Using art therapy to develop emotionally healthy people
  2. Why laughter is the best medicine?
  3. What is the secret of Mona Lisa?
  4. How to plan for setting up an online business?
  5. How to analyze the creative potential of an artist?
  6. How to improve productivity and creativity of employees?