How To Write A Research Paper Acknowledgement: Using Good Templates

Research papers are a critical piece of academic writing that students have to complete during their time at school or college. Even though the student needs to come up with unique ideas and carry out research to complete the paper on his own but sometimes, you will use help of other people in completing your paper. An acknowledgement is the dedication section of your paper where you express a humble thanks to all those people who made your paper possible or helped you write your paper in one way or other. It is a good way to show your gratitude and thankfulness to the people who helped you in collecting your data or writing your paper.

Why to write an acknowledgement

Consider a situation when you need to take permission from a farmer to collect samples of his agricultural land or any other person who helped you carry out experimentation. You may as well want to thank someone who helped you format or write your paper. You should be able to say them thanks in this assigned section that is after the appendix in your citations

Using templates for your acknowledgement section

You can use a template to help write your own section if you are not aware of the style or notes you should add. Even though, there is no standard format for writing an acknowledgement section in your paper but you need to confirm with your teachers and supervisors to help your write your paper. You may need to add your super-visor as a co-author in your paper if they have a lot of contribution in your assignment. You might as well want to include their name first in the list of the acknowledgement

One thing you need to keep in mind is whether the teacher wants you to follow a formal or an informal style. A formal style is when you need to write the names only and do not add any further explanations. The informal style for acknowledgement means you can add a personal thank you note next to their name explaining how important they are for your paper

If you are not sure where to find good templates for your acknowledgement, then you should consider searching a number of sources for research paper templates. You can find one easily on the web or in the library and use it to write your own research paper