Reflecting On Underlying Questions: What Is A Good Topic For A Research Paper

The first step to writing a good research paper is finding the proper topic. This can actually be easier than you would think. Reflecting on certain underlying questions can help you pick a good topic. Make sure the topic appeals to you, as this makes the research more interesting and your research paper easier to write. There are so many topics to choose from, but here are a few examples of how to think of a topic.

How do I find topics for my paper?

Here are some resources to consider when trying to come up with a topic.

All of these provide ways that you can find a good topic; do not forget you can also search the Internet for a topic. There are websites available that will help you choose a topic if you really are stuck and cannot think of anything.

You want your topic to be creative, something that stands out from other research papers. A thing to always remember, “If there were 10 research papers on this topic, how can I make mine stand out?” This is why you want to be sure that your topic holds a personal meaning to you.


Some examples of good topics include:

All of these are topics that would make a great research paper. If you are an animal lover, you could consider doing a topic on animal rights and how you feel about certain issues. You can also cover some of the fundraisers or organizations you see on television. Charity programs can provide a good topic if you choose to pick a charity program to write about.


Charity programs include:

Anything that means something to you can become a valuable research paper if you put the time and dedication into it. Consider looking at advertisements, charity programs, the news, local schools or other topics of the sort. If you truly draw a blank, try looking online for a topic or using a random topic generator. Random topic generators can be found free on the Internet through search engines.