Writing A Winning Research Paper For 7th Graders – Solid Advice

Are you looking for solid advice to write a 7th grade research paper that will wow your teacher, impress your parents and classmates, and get you big fat A? Well then, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find some great advice that will take your assignment from drab to something to brag about.

The first thing you will need to do when setting out to write it is to select a topic that speaks to you. That means that you need to really think about what excites you and interests you so that you enjoy looking for more and more information on your subject. By selecting a topic that is exciting to you, your research will reflect your enthusiasm for the subject by how much depth you add to your overall project.

Once you find a topic that speaks to you, start looking for interesting articles, books, or even videos on the topic. The more information you read and watch during the data collection stage, the easier your writing will be.

After completing the preparation of articles and other items about your topic, you are ready to draft and outline. What points do you wish to make? Your outline is a series of talking points about your topic. For example, if your topic is cats, you may have talking points on types of cats, the history of cats, or even famous cats. Keep in mind that the wow in your assignment will come from introducing talking points on interesting and thought provoking areas of the topic.

Your outline points are the most poignant and interesting points about your topic, so make them lively, not dull and boring. Ask yourself, “Why would someone care to read what I have done? What new and exciting information does it bring?” The more unique and different the information that you provide will help engage and hook your reader into wanting to read more.

Once you have a skeleton outline, begin drafting your research, pulling from the vast amounts of research that you pulled early on. Remember, rather than just regurgitating information that you have read, introduce and interesting viewpoint or angle on the topic to draw your readers in. Once you have them, hold them with interesting information and ideas on the subject; then you will have a project to be proud of.

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