6 Useful Ideas for a Psychology Research Paper

Physics helps people understand the laws of the world around them, astrology describes new celestial bodies, and history studies events and artifacts of the past. All sciences explore materials outside the human body, while psychology goes inside it and studies the processes of our minds. Therefore, the area it covers is extremely vast and diverse. Psychologists are interested in every aspect of human behavior, every emotion a person experiences, and every psychological abnormality that can be traced and recorded.

When students get the chance to step into this science by writing their research papers, they are sometimes shocked by the amount of directions they have to choose from and spend a lot of time looking for the best ideas for their papers.

Here is a short list of ideas that can serve as a starting point for a future psychology research paper, as well as make the choice easier and faster.

  1. Psychology of marriage.

    Once you choose psychology of marriage as the area of your future research, you can write about a vast variety of topics. This ranges from psychological reasons why one person chooses another as a life partner, to causes of misunderstandings that lead to divorce. The area is quite appropriate for organizing polls and observations.

  2. Psychology case study.

    A case study presupposes the exploration of psychological problems or disorders a particular person has. You will have to go deep into the life story of the patient to find the initial causes of the problems, and suggest ways to solve them. This area is applied and requires active work with the patient.

  3. Child psychology.

    This sphere may be interesting for those who would like to trace the development of human personality from childhood to adolescence. However, it is necessary to restrict the research paper topic to a certain age period, or certain aspect such as the development of language, attachments, fears, or moral values.

  4. Psychological disorders.

    Abnormal psychology studies the symptoms, factors, and ways of treating various psychological disorders. If you decide to make a contribution to this sphere by writing a research paper, make sure you concentrate on one disease. Then, you can narrow the topic down to either symptoms, factors, or the ways of treatment.

  5. Human sexuality.

    The foundations of human sexuality have always been interesting to researchers. It is advisable to concentrate on new aspects of it, rather than write about the past.

  6. Psychotherapy.

    This sphere deals with treating psychological problems, so get ready to work with real patients before writing the research paper.