Getting Some Help with Finding High

School Research Paper Topics

If you only learn one thing about writing a high school research paper topic it is that you cannot wing it. The main point of a research paper topic is that you show evidence or proof that you've done some research before writing the paper. It really helps if the topic you choose is something you really like and if you do have a free hand in making the topic choice then take advantage of the situation. Go for something which really excites you. Select a topic you are passionate about, which you already have quite a bit of knowledge or interest about or both.

But where can you find high school research paper topics?

There are three major sources and they are as follows.

If you take the time to talk to some of your fellow students about their high school research paper topic, you may get inspired. I'm not suggesting that you copy them precisely but if the topic is something which appeals, you might be able to think of a different approach to that topic or to a topic related to something which you found interesting.

Take advantage of the academic staff at your high school. Apart from talking to the teacher who's asked you to write a research paper, you could also talk to the high school librarian. Other samples of research papers may be on the school website or held in the school library. Look over these research papers. If they’ve been given a very high mark it could partly be because there've chosen a really interesting topic.

And finally you can go online because there are many websites which openly talk about possible high school research topics. It's not the fact that there are many such topics but rather that you need to find one which is relevant and important to you. Any old topic will not do. Remember that so much of the success of your research paper starts before you start to research or write. It starts with the choice of topic. Here are some possible examples.