10 Outstanding Education Topics for an Academic Research Paper

Do you need a topic that will make your education research paper truly stand out? The following ten ideas can inspire you.

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  1. How can elementary level teachers identify a student’s learning style?

    Your task when writing this paper is to explain the significance of a personalized approach in teaching, and offer efficient suggestions that will allow teachers of elementary schools to improve their understanding of the students.

  2. Factors that cause students to become bullies.

    Analyze the reasons behind bullying and identify the ones that come from the school itself. Determine what steps can be taken to rectify the problem. Do not forget to include parent-teacher interaction into the list of your anti-bullying methods.

  3. How does commercialization of education affect society?

    The number of humanities students today is considerably lower than a few decades ago. The number of those who go into studying various aspects of business has increased. This will eventually tip the balance in professions. Try to predict how this will affect the country as a whole.

  4. How to create effective lesson plans.

    This paper must focus on the most advanced tools teachers can integrate into their work today. It should mention how the globalization and advent of the Internet influenced study methods, and explain that teachers today must take these factors into account when planning their classes.

  5. Relevance of sports education today.

    In this paper, you will need to explain common children’s health problems, and determine how many of them can be traced back to the lack of physical activity. Offer your ideas on how to encourage children to be more active by making sports education more interesting.

  6. Methods of school violence prevention.

    You will need to study the cases of known school shootings and other documented violent acts and identify the reasons that caused them. Develop methods that will help prevent repeats of these situations.

  7. Standards of teacher certification.

    You will need to analyze the existing standards, and determine if they are sufficient enough to provide the highest quality of education. If not, offer some ideas to improve them.

  8. Are the existing education assessment tools efficient?

    List the tools that are currently used, and highlight their strong and weak points. Develop a method that will be more efficient.

  9. How to stimulate learning through integrating educational games?

    List some of the most popular educational games, and study the cases of schools where these methods have been used. Conduct your own experiments.

  10. The possibility of creating a virtual learning environment.

    Determine the pros and cons of this issue, and offer ideas as to how this environment can be created.