Top 15 College Research Paper Topics in 2013

Every year students write hundreds of college research paper topics. If you add that up over the history of time, can you imagine how many research papers have been written? And graded, poor College and University instructors where you only have to write one paper per class assignment they have to grade hundreds. By now, chances are that your teachers have heard it all.

Just like with everything else paper trend topics come and go. Every year there is a new most popular list that is identified. Below is the current list of top College Research Papers for Last Year (2013)

  1. What are the religious motivations that influence terrorists in foreign countries?
  2. What is the impact of social media on the self-esteem of adults and adolescents?
  3. Should Photoshop and photo airbrushing be regulated in the media?
  4. Is fast food the actual cause of obesity in the United States?
  5. Should the amount of money professional athletes are paid be regulated and should their be a limit of how much they receive?
  6. What are the negative effects of eco-tourism?
  7. What are some of the most common cyber crimes and should there be international legislation established to protect people against crimes on the web?
  8. Is global warming a dead issue in 2013?
  9. Is our increased dependence on technology causing increased instances of anxiety in adults?
  10. Should we be doing more to assist the developing third world? What is the impact of third world poverty in 2013?
  11. What is the psychological impact of same sex parents on young children does this unique situation influence social development?
  12. Should same sex marriage be legalized in every state in the United States?
  13. Is nuclear power a considered a renewable power resource in 2013?
  14. Should all zoo’s and aquariums be shut down?
  15. Is the Zombie apocalypse a real world end scenario that we should be worried about? (This one is extremely popular for some reason?)